Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, I survived the holidays so that's one less worry on my plate. Everyone came and went on time, old clothes pulled out of the closet once a year still fit, the food was great (no credit to me-that's all my Mom), and we all made the services of our choice. We were lucky enough to get to hear Rabbi Marx on kol nidre. He was great, of course, and his sermon topic, fittingly enough , was on Worry. So perfect for my family, a dedicated group of worriers. All about finding the happy medium between worrying about all the wrong things and not worrying about anything at all. Of course easier to say than do but still a message most of us can't hear too many times. My favorite line; a parent is only as happy as their unhappiest child. Wow, that hit home. Most of my worries focus on my kids, even though there's little that those worries can change. It can be hard to relax or be happy if something is not working in their loves. Sometime, I feel guilty or weird that I'm so emotionally tied up with them. It's great to hear a line like that and know that so many other people feel the same way. Obsessive parents of the world, unite!