Saturday, January 17, 2009

Book Club

Joining a reading group often feels like joining a new table at the high school cafeteria; an experience filled with nerves, anticipation and possibly horror. I've been in three so far. All three offered intelligent interesting women, some great discussions and a good choice of books. However...The first one was a group that had been together for quite a while before I joined. In addition, they all knew each other outside of group. The first few minutes of each meeting were filled with social chatter about events that they had all participated in and people they all knew; all except me of course. Not so much fun. The second group was much more warm and welcoming but unfortunately I joined in it's waining days. The 'leader' had left for personal reasons and the group just had trouble hanging on without her. On occasion only 2 or 3 us even showed up. It disbanded. The third group I joined right from it's formation which eliminated the new kid in town syndrome. Most of the women do know each other in some way better than I do but it's not cliquey or snobby or in any way mean! The women are bright, interesting, prompt, and all around nice. Still first date nerves never really go away. Showing up to a total strangers door, hoping you have something interesting to contribute, wondering if you talk too much, or maybe not enough. Well, I am loving it so here's hoping third times the charm.