Saturday, September 13, 2008

volunteering for Obama

I've been fairly depressed lately with the thought that Obama may not win the election. I know it's still many weeks away and the debates will matter alot but... I don't mind people who have strong feelings on one issue or another and feel he doesn't reflect their feelings but mostly it seems to be the race -not that anyone would admit it- or how cute and perky she is. I mean do you really want some one so uninformed running our country?

So hoping to feel better I went down to the local Obama office to volunteer. After a few hours I felt several new feelings. One; total guilt over any and all meanness I have ever expressed to pollsters, telemarketers and anyone on the other end of my phone line. Sorry. I wasn't bothered just by someone being a republican; one of my favorite calls was a 92 year old lady who said," my goodness darling, do you have the wrong house", then wished me good luck. The other feeling; hopefulness. In the few hours I was there so many people of all different ages came in asking to volunteer, give money, or get a lawn sign or button. There's still hope! I'll definitely be back.

Monday, September 8, 2008


In a lot of ways working is great. If your lucky the work is stimulating, or at least entertaining , it's fun having people to talk with, and it keeps you out of the mall. The problem comes in the moments when you don't have anything to do, or nothing you want to be doing. Then all you can think about is all the shows you'd rather be watching, the books you'd rather be reading and the errands you'd rather be running. Too bad I can't just work whenever I'm bored with the rest of my life...

Things I just don't understand

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person but everyday I run across things that I just don't understand. They don't seem to be all that complex but somehow I'm just not getting it.
A few recent ones:
Why on earth is there a fed ex box right outside the post office. Aren't they competitors? Does McDonald's let Wendy's put a drive in right outside their front lawn?

What is with the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld commercial. Are they selling shoes? Is there a fabulous mens' shoe named conquistador that I am unaware of?

Why am I unable to follow the Caylee missing little girl story? Every time I turn on the TV there's more reporting, none of which makes any sense. The other night random people were starting fist fights in front of the house. Are they tailgating there? What is going on and am I perhaps better off not knowing?

Why do so many rappers have the same name? Watched the video music awards the other night and there seemed to be an abundance of T's and L'lls. In every other medium artists go out of their way to be sure their name can not be confused with someone elses. Here they seem to go out of their way to do the opposite. What am I not getting?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my parents political wisdom

Sunday, September 7, 2008

politics and my parents
As usual my parents have the most apt comments on the political scene.From my Dad- McCain's 'thing' is that he is a huge patriot and in truth he has dedicated his life to public service in one form or another. But in picking Sarah P he has done a truly unpatriotic thing. He is a 72 year old with health issues attempting to take on one of the most demanding, stressful jobs in the world. The odds are not great that he would finish the term. And, for a jump in the pols and some media attention he is willing to sacrifice his country by leaving it in the hands of a person who is clearly not ready for the job. It is a disgraceful decision for anyone but especially for a man who claims love of his country as his greatest legacy.From my Mom- It always shocks me when I see people saying they vote Republican when that party clearly doesn't represents any of their social values or is even to their economic advantage. I think they believe that saying it makes people think they are rich and successful. Imagine voting based on impressing people rather than on what's best for your family. Totally disgusting.

Aren't they the best!

the kids tightrope

Monday, September 1, 2008

the kids tightrope walk
So Sept is here; one kid back at college, the other back to high school. I begin the excruciating tightrope walk between involvement and intrusion, between caring and nagging. With the college one it's the line between contact and harassment. If I had my way I'd talk or e mail or IM everyday. I want to know everything about her friends, her classes, boys. But I know I have to respect her privacy and let her have her college experience without me. So I sit back and wait for her to (hopefully) initiate contact and share.With the high schooler it's more a matter of swinging between micromanagement and letting him crash and burn all on his own. I know I can't obsess over every aspect of his academic life but on the other hand, how can I not? I am quite certain this tightrope does not come with a net.

sarah p

Monday, September 1, 2008

sarah p
Frankly, I;m just completely insulted by McCann's thought that women who supported Hillary will now automatically support Sarah P. I mean does he think we're some drunk frat boy who doesn't care between one set of breasts or another. Hey, I wanted to go home with the blond from New York but i guess the chick from Alaska will do. Does McCann think women are too stupid or lazy to notice that these two women have absolutely no values or opinions in common?

who's caroline kennedy?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
who's caroline Kennedy?
My daughter said she watch the convention with me when something good was happening. Around 9:30 i excitedly called out- come now Caroline is going to introduce her uncle. Caroline who was her response. I was floored. I probably know more about the Kennedy's than I know my own family. Just saying her name brought back a rush of images; her hiding under the desk, standing at the funeral, John-John, Jackie, all the glamour and scandal and tragedy. It is all seared into my brain so much I never thought about not knowing it. Just seeing the set of her jaw- the same Kennedy face we've been watching for generations brought a rush of emotion and hen Teddy spoke- the voice alone brought tears to my eyes.But to my 19 year old daughter- nothing. No emotional connection to this family, no real interest who who they are , or were. Are we the last generation to have this collective Kennedy memory?