Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to reality

It's both good and bad being back to real life. I definitely miss the energy and excitement of volunteering. It was wonderful to have something in your life that inspires you and to be surrounded by people who are equally inspired. On the other hand it has also been nice to get back to all the regular day to day stuff I let slip. Since the election I finally managed to switch my closet from summer to winter, take the dog to the groomer, get a hair cut, manicure and a pedicure! Friday K and I drove down to Delaware where we had fun wine and beer shopping. Did I just confess to a crime in writing? Best of all I made plans to see friends and got to spend Sunday with my D. Saturday evening we spontaneously got together with some close friends; one of those relaxing evenings that happens all to infrequently. We hung out, ordered pizza and laughed a lot. It seems no matter how long you know people they still have great 'stupid things I did when I was young' stories. No one seems to tire of telling , or hearing those stores. I've hung out with my parents friends and they can keep me falling off my chair with stories of their misspent youth. ( You know who you are J & H) A good night. Sunday I had french toast with my D and we went off to Harry Potter day at the U of P museum. The museum is packed and if you're a harry potter fan it's the best. Wandering through the Egypt exhibit I ran into Hagrid, there were dementors in the bathroom, and I definitely saw Mad eye moody on the grand staircase. Quiddach practice was on the front lawn and the mirror where you see your hears true desire was down the hall from Diaogon alley. I saw my D, but they may have been because she was standing next to me! Afterwards we went to see the house she plans to live in next year. Great house;I loved it. In answer to Moms question, was it as much a dump as your college the house , the answer is a resounding yes. Total flash back to my senior house, also a century old falling down mess. I am sure I recognized several of the sofas as well as the beer can in the corner. Ah, the good old days. Coming up; a bar mitzvah ( not mine, thank goodness) Thanksgiving and winter break. Reality is not that bad.

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