Thursday, May 14, 2009

reorienting my brain or at least my attitude

Ah too long, I know but not due to having nothing on my mind I assure you. I've just been pondering how to walk that fine line ( or even where the hell the line is) between expressing my thoughts and maintaining some privacy.Well not really my privacy so much as my kids who I tend to blog about. Perhaps I lack the complete disregard for privacy that is necessary for a true blogger.
I've been trying to completely change the way I deal ,emotionally, with my son. He knows where he wants to be in terms of college and what he needs to do to get there. His goals are totally within his grasp. So it drives me completely insane when he comes home from school and instead of working he talks to his friends, watches hulu, and updates his facebook. I have pushed, punished, and pleaded all to no effect. So I've decided that he has all the information and abilities he needs to achieve and if he chooses not to use them there is really nothing I can do. If he doesn't wind up accepted to a college he wants, it is his decision, not mine. While of course I'll be upset I can't spend every day of the next months stressed out of my mind. So I'm taking a lot of deep breaths and doing a lot of shoulder shrugging. I still nag, of course, but I'm cutting out the obsession and dwelling!

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